How to fix fingerprints not recognized on your smartphone

As technology advances, authentication plays an important role in smartphones and has evolved in a short period of time. In the past, when it comes to smartphone authentication, passwords (alphanumeric), pins and patterns are the three main types.

However, at present, biometric authentication is the main method of unlocking mobile phones, and fingerprint recognition is the most popular in the smartphone industry.

The difference between before and after fingerprint unlocking

Although it is common to place a fingerprint scanner in your phone, there is a question: Where should it be placed? In front or behind? In fact, everyone has their own advantages. Here, we will briefly introduce the differences in addition to the location.

As for the front-end fingerprint scanner, its technology is relatively mature compared to its counterpart. The home button and fingerprint sensor are integrated on the front of the phone for the convenience of the user: we don’t need to pick up the phone, just put your finger on the phone to unlock it.

For rear-mounted products, many manufacturers choose to place the sensor on the back of the phone to increase the proportion of the screen, making the front of the device more aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, the holes on the front screen can be avoided and the screen can be protected more effectively.

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Why the fingerprint sensor does not work and the solution

Most people may prefer fingerprint recognition when using a password to unlock their phone, but we may sometimes run into problems that don’t work. This can be explained by a combination of factors and the solution varies depending on the cause.

1. Dirty things

The first reason we think of is that there are some dirty things on our fingers, such as sweat, water, oil, and dust. Dirt may also remain on the fingerprint identification button, which can lead to inaccuracies.

In this case, you should wash your hands and wipe the fingerprint reader. Please note that don’t forget to dry your hands after washing, as water will also affect the normal function of the fingerprint sensor.

2. System error

The fingerprint scanner may not work properly when there is a problem with the operating system. To resolve this issue, you can re-update your system to the latest version after backing up your data and retry fingerprinting.

3. A protective cover or screen protector

Sometimes your smartphone case or screen protector does not fit well with your phone, which can cause the home screen or fingerprint area to be incompletely exposed. It’s easy to fix, just remove the case or protector and try again, or you can replace them with a more appropriate one.

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4. Your finger is in poor condition

Sometimes this is because your fingers are collapsed or injured and your phone cannot be unlocked. So you need to enter data for another finger.

5. Fingerprint input is incomplete

We may encounter some problems, that is, fingerprints at certain angles can unlock the phone, while others cannot. This is because the fingerprint information we recorded is not complete. So you should go to the fingerprint input interface of your phone and record new fingerprint information.

Please note that do not keep the same posture or the same angle when entering fingerprints. Instead, try changing the different angles and entering the edge of the fingerprint into the system.

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6. charging

If your phone is charging with an unofficial charger, the fingerprint scanner may not function properly. Because when the non-standard charger works, it will cause interference to the fingerprint sensor, resulting in changes in the fingerprint image acquisition, which cannot be verified and unlocked.

In this case, unplug the charger to see if you can successfully unlock the fingerprint. If you can unlock it, it is recommended to replace the charger and data cable with official and standard.

Fingerprint recognition used to be a feature of high-end smartphones and has become the standard for mobile phones, even for low-end phones. However, failures are also common.

I hope the tips mentioned above can help. If they don’t work, it’s likely that the fingerprint sensor is wrong, so you have no choice but to rely on the maintenance point.

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