How to flash your smartphone with Smart Phone Flash Tool

Flashing of smartphones can be quite frustrating and sometimes very easy as well if you know what you are doing.

Most times, it depends on the kind of PC you are using, that’s right you heard me.

I have not found it hard to flash any phone of my choice, no matter the brand, sock, or chipset.

Today, I want to give you a detailed guide on how to flash your smartphone with Smart Phone Flash Tool.

Let’s get started.

There are many reasons why we flash our smartphones.

Smartphones are electronics and electronics always tend to develop issues or malfunctions at times. it’s inevitable.

Some of the issues are the ones we caused by ourselves, some are the ones we have no idea how they happened. Does it matter?

Before we get started, It will be better for us to know some of those issues, even if we didn’t cause them. Therefore, it will be better for us to know and avoid them.

  1. Laggy or Hanging smartphone.
  2. Bricked smartphone
  3. Unroot your smartphone
  4. Phone not turning on.

and many other issues.

Unable to flash your phone?

Like I said in the beginning, I hardly face any issue flashing any smartphone

A lot of people complain of not being able to flash their MediaTek smartphone but I can tell you that the MediaTek smartphone is one of the easiest to flash.

One of the major reasons while people find it hard to flash their smartphones, most especially their MediaTek smartphone is because of how they set up their PC.

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You can have all the requirements needed to flash your smartphone but if you didn’t set up your PC very well, you will be finding it hard to flash a rom or recovery on your PC.

For example, For MediaTek smartphones, the major factor affecting the flashing is the Vcom driver.

We all know what a driver is and the role they play in Windows PC.

Any software you install on a Windows PC and you didn’t install their driver, tends to malfunction or not work properly.

Please note that because below, we will be discussing the requirement and how to flash your smartphone with Smart Phone Flash Tool.

The requirement to flash your smartphone with Smart Phone Flash Tool

  • Get a Windows PC.
  • Download smartphone flash tool(SP Flash Tool).
  • Make sure to have a working USB Cord.
  • A Vcom Driver.
  • Your smartphone’s driver.
  • And Finally, enough power/battery both on your PC and phone.

As you can see, We have listed the things we need to get things done but before we get started, let’s tell you what you can achieve by flashing your smartphone.

Flashing your smartphone, what are the benefits?

We both that relief when our phone comes back from the land of the dead back to the living.

I have had that feeling much time and I can tell you what it feels like when your phone doesn’t power on again.

Flashing your smartphone with Smart Phone Flash Tool can help you achieve a lot of things.

  • It can help you unbrick your smartphone with ease.
  • You can use the smartphone flash tool to unroot your phone.
  • It can also be used to reset or restore your phone to factory settings.
  • Downgrade your smartphone
  • Upgrade your smartphone.
  • Downgrade your phone.
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How to flash your smartphone with Smart Phone Flash Tool

To get started, the first thing you have to do is to install a driver on your PC.

Without installing a driver, you will find it hard to flash any flashable thing with your PC.

So you will start first by downloading and installing VCOM drivers to your PC.

Installation may differ from one PC to another depending on the Windows version, so make sure you google how to install manually a driver depending on your PC windows version.

After installing the driver, it’s advisable to reboot your PC for the driver to be effective, some PC doesn’t need a reboot.

After that, download and extract the Smartphone flash tool to a folder you can easily locate for further usage.

The Smartphone flash tool doesn’t need any installation, therefore, no need to bothering about installing it.

Double click the Flash Tool or right-click and click open to start the application.

Once the application is launched, click on the scatter file to select the scatter file for the firmware.

The scatter file is located inside the firmware you extracted, it’s a file that helps in the mapping of the rom.

Once you select the scatter file and click ok, it will load the rom to the Smartphone flash tool.

And then, the next thing to do is to untick the first file which is the preloader option.

Not unticking the preloader option can brick your smartphone.

The reason is that the preloader is not always the same for most phones and you are probably flashing another phone’s preloader to your phone which will cause it to brick.

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To flash your phone, you must power it off, therefore, go ahead and power off your smartphone.

Plug the USB cord into your PC and connect your phone.

Make sure you place your phone in a position that it won’t shake so that the installation won’t be interrupted and you end up bricking your phone.

Click on Download and the installation will start immediately.

You can choose download only or choose to download and upgrade. Just choose the best option that suits you.

Most times, I prefer clicking download and then plugging my smartphone than plugging my phone before clicking download, it helps detect the phone easily.

Wait for the installation to finish and boom!!!, you are done.

Unplug your phone from your PC and power it on.

Follow the instruction to set up your phone.


Like I said in the beginning, the reason why most people experience issues installing rom to their phone using smartphone flash tool is because of a driver on their PC.

Take out your time and make sure that you properly install the necessary drivers to your PC such as VCOM drivers and MTK drivers.

I wish you good luck and hope for good feedback.

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