The all new Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 13, Air 14 and Air 15

Although Shanghai’s hot August is hard to bear, it can’t stop the enthusiasm of Xiaoxin (me) for ChinaJoy. This is not a few days of annual leave. I went to the scene of ChinaJoy for the first time. Let us come together. Take a look at what’s new and cool to play at the Lenovo booth.

Lenovo, as a key player in the PC industry, has a huge impact on its partners and rivals in the upstream and downstream chains. As a newcomer, Lenovo’s first new area is the area where Lenovo’s booth is really busy. No, the new Lenovo Xiaoxin Air13, Xiaoxin 14, Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 13, Xiaoxin 14 Ruilong Edition, Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 15, Xiaoxinchao 7000, Lenovo Xiaoxin Youth Edition and other popular products, different configurations of a different color, The booth scene was really busy.

In the Xiaoxin exhibition area, the new Lenovo Xiaoxin Air13 is really attractive. It adopts the Intel 10nm architecture Core 10 generation high-performance processor, which enhances the performance in the work and entertainment, the configuration of the new nuclear display architecture. Allow users to enjoy the enjoyable audio and video body on Xiaoxin.

In the 10th generation of Core Duo processors, the performance of the nuclear display has been approximately doubled, and the wireless speed has increased nearly three times, which better meets the needs of users, but the current price has not been announced. I believe that the Lenovo Xiaoxin Air13 released this time will soon be available on the e-commerce platform. Those who want to buy thin and light notebooks may wish to wait.

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Lenovo Xiaoxin-14 2019 overall design is simple and tough, in line with the aesthetics of young people. The A side is made of metal, and the C side is specially treated to give a Baby Skin touch, which is very comfortable. In addition, Lenovo Xiaoxin-14 2019 also adopts a three-sided micro-border design with a width of only 4.5 on both sides. Mm, the screen ratio is as high as 81.8%. With the full HD IPS screen, it not only provides an excellent visual experience, but also further reduces the size of the body, and the weight of the whole machine is only 1.55kg, and the thickest part is only 17.9mm, which is more portable.

Lenovo Xiaoxin-14 2019 has a battery capacity of 52.5Wh, which can provide 10 hours of battery life, and it also supports fast charging. It can be used for two hours after charging for 15 minutes. At the same time, Lenovo Xiaoxin-14 2019 also provides a camera physical valve to maximize user privacy.

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Lenovo Xiaoxin-14 2019 uses the most powerful WhiskeyLake processor, including i5-8265U and i7-8565U. These two processors have very strong Turbo capability, and the standard pressure processor in the game, Lenovo Xiaoxin – 14 2019 took the lead in using the latest MX230 discrete graphics card from NVIDIA, which should be regarded as the first MX200 series. In addition, Lenovo Xiaoxin-14 2019 also has a dual hard disk combination of DDR4 dual-channel memory and SSD+HDD. In general, Lenovo Xiaoxin-14 2019 is a very good product, attracting a lot of exhibitions. Stop.

Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 15 2019’s biggest feature is the use of a 15.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1080P (1920 × 1080), the panel material is IPS, the surface is matte, the color gamut is 72% NTSC, viewing angle, clarity, color performance are superior.Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 15

The screen adopts the design of three sides narrow frame, and the narrowest part on the left and right sides is only 4.25mm, which also makes the screen ratio reached 85.3%, which reduces the binding of the frame to the screen and maximizes the visual effect of the screen itself. The narrow border can be said to be a development trend of notebook screens in recent years. This design not only makes the screen look bigger but also reduces the volume of the fuselage. This “slimming” design is particularly effective in 15.6-inch products.

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On the interface, Xiaoxin Air 15 2019 is still complete. There is an HDMI, a USB Type-C, a 3.5mm 2-in-1 audio interface on the left side, a standard SD card slot on the right side, and two USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A interface, which has a USB support for shutdown charging. Overall, the interface of Xiaoxin Air 15 is quite sufficient to meet the various needs of users. However, it is a pity that USB Type-C does not support PD charging. Users can purchase USB-C PD charging through the round-the-disk USB-C scam line through a third-party merchant on Magnum.

In addition to the products of Niu X, Showgirl combined with e-sports equipment, so that the audience’s hormones and adrenaline soared all the way, so that a variety of trend elements in the exhibition area gathered together, a perfect interpretation of the e-sports tide play new fashion.

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