My phone has NFC, How to use NFC on your phone

Have you noticed an NFC signal on your smartphone? Do you know that it plays an important role in our daily lives? So today we will provide you with more powerful features.

What is NFC anyway

New smartphone users may often hear the word NFC, but few people know it or even use it. NFC is an abbreviation for Near Field Communication and is short-range wireless communication technology.

Essentially, it’s a way for your phone to interact with other devices at close range, with a working radius of about 4 cm, which provides a wireless connection between your device and another device.

It also allows two-way communication where both devices are capable of transmitting and receiving information. Since the NFC connection does not depend on Wi-Fi, 4G, LTE or other means, there is no charge.

What is the function of NFC?

After reading the NFC definition, you may be more confused. Don’t worry, here we will introduce you to its features and usage to help you understand better.

NFC’s function is very simple, just like Bluetooth, it is used for transmission between mobile phones, but its function can surpass Bluetooth.

In addition to avoiding those cell phone pairing steps when using Bluetooth, NFC can also make more efficient use of peer-to-peer technology because only two mobile phones that are in contact with each other can achieve this connection and transmission, thereby enhancing confidentiality.

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The wide use of NFC

There is a board development space in NFC, and its use mainly appears in mobile phone applications. This is its application in daily life.

1. Contact for access

For example, access control, train tickets or concert tickets, etc., you only need to use a gated password or other mobile devices close to the card reader. This technology can also be used for logistics management.

2. Contact payment

This method has been widely used in our daily lives. As long as the mobile device with the transfer function is close to the POS machine with the NFC tag, the payment can be completed and the transaction process can only be completed by confirmation.

3. Contact connection

By connecting two NFC-enabled mobile devices, you can quickly transfer media files such as music and pictures by reading NFC tags.

4. Information city construction

For example, in the UK, when you walk into the art gallery, you can instantly display information about your work on your phone by simply touching the NFC reading area under the exhibition with your mobile phone.

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In Venice, Italy, NFC applications are more common, especially in public services and information services, including tickets, parking lots, public bicycle rentals, building access cards, school service management, checkouts, and travel itineraries.

Don’t think that NFC is a new feature that has only recently appeared. In fact, it was invented in 2012, but it was not used so much at the time, so mobile phone manufacturers removed it to save costs.

However, today, cashless payments are everywhere, so NFC is once again active and bringing convenience to our lives.

Speaking of this, some people may want to know if there is a QR code now. Do you still need to carry NFC on your mobile phone? Well, in fact, the use of QR codes is limited and cannot be used without a network.

However, NFC can simulate access card and flash payment functions without a network or even unlocking the phone. Therefore, it is obvious that NFC is easier and more convenient.

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How to activate NFC on your phone

After launching NFC, you may want to try this powerful feature. So here we will show you how to use NFC on Android and iPhone. But only if your phone is plugged into an NFC tag.

Suitable for Android users

It is quiet and it is easy to activate NFC. First, navigate to the settings on your phone and find out more.

Once clicked, you will see near-field communication and then switch it from off to on.

For iPhone users

Unlike Android, NFC is very limited on iOS and can only be used as Apple Pay.

You should also go to Settings and scroll down, then find “Wallet” and “Apple Pay” and click on it.

Also, if you want to use the NFC feature, you should click Add Card to add the required bank card.

Although it is already used on many smartphones, it is easily overlooked by most people. But the function and use of NFC are beyond our imagination. It is believed that it will far surpass mobile devices in the next few days and enjoy a brighter future.

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