What is the airplane mode and how can you make use of it?

You may have noticed that there is a feature called “flight mode” on the phone, but is it designed for flying? Any other use? This article will provide you with an answer.

What is airplane mode?

The mobile phone industry has been developing for a long time but has never given up on airplane models that seem to be useless. So what is the airplane mode on the phone?

Airplane mode is a feature on your phone that will turn off your phone when you turn on your phone. We often use this feature on airplanes because the transmission and reception of mobile signals can affect the normal flight of the aircraft and even lead to serious accidents.

Therefore, most smartphones have this feature, which can turn off the signal transceiver in the SIM card. In flight mode, the GSM/GPRS module of the mobile phone will be turned off to prevent the mobile phone from sending a paging signal to the base station.

What happens when someone calls you in airplane mode? Well, in this case, he will notice that the phone is turned off. You also cannot receive messages.

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In addition, in flight mode, the phone will automatically cut off the Internet connection, while Bluetooth and infrared sensing function properly.

You may not understand some of the other advantages of airplane mode.

Even if you don’t fly a lot, you can take advantage of this model, its potential features are as follows:

NO 1: Reduces cell phone radiation

Most people may be concerned about cell radiation while sleeping, and find that turning the power on and off is really troublesome. In this case, turning on airplane mode can help you get rid of these concerns because you can’t transmit or receive signals.

NO 2: Keeps the alarm function

Some people may be alerted to “strikes” after the phone is powered off, but they don’t want to be interrupted by the phone late at night. So, just turn on the airplane mode and you’re ready to enjoy a perfect night’s sleep without worrying about damage, which can lead to two birds with one stone.

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NO 3: Reset the Internet

Many people may restart their phones when the signal or the Internet is not working properly. However, flight mode gives us a better and easier choice: turn it on for a few seconds and then turn it off.

This way, your phone will automatically search for signals and internet connections, which is exactly the same as restarting the phone, but it takes less time.

Sometimes you may find that your phone has used up your credit card, but you can’t connect to the Internet even if you have already recharged your phone. Turning on airplane mode can also solve this problem.

Saves electricity and accelerates charging
Saves electricity and accelerates charging

NO 4: Saves electricity and accelerates charging

Continuously transmitting and receiving signals does consume a lot of power. Turning on airplane mode stops this process, which prevents other applications from receiving data from the Internet, saving battery power.

If your phone runs out of power quickly but is inconvenient to charge, just turn on airplane mode and you’ll see that the charging speed is greatly improved.

NO 5: Prevents interruption when surfing the Internet

Want to play games and pay attention to the drama series without diverting? Don’t worry, turning on airplane mode allows you to go online as usual. Although turning on airplane mode means cutting off all internet connections, you can reconnect by manually turning on Wifi.

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NO 6: Prevents some children from playing stubbornly on smartphones without being bound

Most parents may have a headache when they ask to call. Why not turn on airplane mode? There is no mobile data on your phone, and you can’t send messages or make calls. So you don’t have to worry about them wasting your money on your phone or unconsciously consuming a lot of mobile data.


For many people, airplane mode may be of little value, but it can actually bring a lot of convenience and fun to our daily lives. The airplane model has many uses that people rarely know, and those who have the extra features can take advantage of the potential of their mobile phones to better enjoy life.

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