How to increase the memory of your Android phone

We all benefit from the widespread use of smartphones, however, the limited slowdown in storage and operation has been a headache for us. Therefore, in order to combat the ongoing cat and mouse game between the user and the smartphone memory, we have some tips and tricks that will help free up some valuable space and keep it running efficiently.

As we all know, the mobile phone industry has two main systems. One is Apple’s self-developed iOS system, which is prone to smoothing and slowing down after a long period of use.

However, its opponents have been criticized by many consumers because the longer the time spent on the phone, the more obvious the lag. Not to mention that the phone storage space is almost full.

Although the optimization of the current Android system is very good, you can still find slow operation after a long time of use. Before we come up with a solution, you should know how deceleration works.

In general, there are three types of phone lags.

1. Transmitter deceleration

In addition to Google’s own brand, Nexus, and Pixel, almost all Android phone brands will not use the native Android system. Instead, they may use MIUI, EMUI, Flyme ColorOS, Smartisan OS, and other autonomous systems.

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It is not correct to call them “systems”. In fact, they are all patched on top of native Android and have a special project – the launcher.

In most cases, the delay of the phone will appear as the starter slows down. For example, the sliding is not smooth, there is a delay when the menu is pulled down, and there is a delay when switching to the system setting function.

2. App Start startup lag

The capabilities of smartphones are reflected in countless applications, but the time from clicking on the icon to entering the application interface varies, and lasting may make us feel that the system is lagging behind.

3. Lag of application operation

Especially when playing games, you can feel this lag. Many applications today are optimized for multiple cores, so more cores and better processor performance can reduce the risk of latency due to insufficient CPU performance.

For 3D games, the resolution of the phone screen and the performance of the processor-integrated GPU are more critical indicators.

How to free up phone storage

After introducing the various lags of the phone, you may want to know how to free up storage space on Android, so here is an effective way to 4.

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1. Regular cleaning

A lot of garbage will be generated after surfing the Internet. Over time, the delay of the phone will become more and more obvious. So we need to develop the habit of regular cleaning, whether it is built-in or third-party processes.

Please note that some rubbish cannot be cleaned directly by the cleaning tool, so we need to clean it manually. You can find the appropriate storage location in File Management. If you find something unnecessary, you can clean it up directly.

2. Application license management

When you install an application, you are asked if you want to grant the application permission to use the feature. For convenience, some people prefer to choose “agree” directly. Still, this will cause the camera, recording, and more to be activated while the app is running. In most cases, these features are rarely used and they place a heavy burden on the system.

You can find the “Permissions Manager” item in the “Settings” of your phone and turn off some unnecessary permissions to speed up your phone’s operation.

3. Renewed on time

In general, systems and applications are in the process of continuous optimization. The updated version will have more powerful features that can help increase the speed of your phone.

In addition, new versions of some applications will become lighter, which can save some memory. Of course, not all of the latest versions are the best, almost every application has multiple versions, and you can choose the version that better meets your needs and is more conducive to mobile phone operation.

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4. Software replacement

In fact, when searching for a feature, you don’t need to download a specific app. If your installed application has relative capabilities, you can take advantage of it. When you don’t need to use the versatility, you can turn to a smaller and lighter one. For example, if you think Sina Weibo takes up too much memory, you can replace it with the international version

Many people may choose a mobile phone with a large amount of storage space when purchasing, but it will inevitably be subject to years of restrictions. Don’t worry. Using the above tips can save your phone’s storage space while maintaining the functionality and efficiency of your phone to a large extent

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